Environmental Health Initiatives

Environmental Health Initiatives

CEEE's environmental health initiatives focus on community practices and state strategies that significantly reduce children's exposure to pesticides and other preventable pollutants.  We work with school boards, grounds staff, park managers, child care centers and local champions to significantly reduce pesticide use.  We also help Iowans--especially public health professionals--understand that regenerative farming, as practiced by innovative farmers, build soil & water quality, do not rely on pesticides, and solve for a pattern of health. 


  • GOOD NEIGHBOR IOWA - Good Neighbors manage their lawns without pesticides. Join Iowa leaders who are committing to pesticide-free lawn management to protect child health and water quality. | Go to Good Neighbor Iowa

  • FARMING FOR PUBLIC HEALTH -  We are a statewide initiative to build more understanding among healthcare providers and public health professionals about agricultural strategies that solve for a pattern of soil health, clean water, biodiversity conservation, healthy food, rural economic vitality--collectively, public health. | Go to Farming for Public Health


  • Audrey E. Tran Lam
    Audrey E. Tran Lam
    Good Neighbor Iowa Program Manager

    Audrey manages a state-wide initiative focusing on reducing urban pesticide application for water, wildlife, and child health. She holds a masters degree in Public Health from the University of Iowa.

    AT THE CEEE: Good Neighbor Iowa
    ON FACEBOOK: Good Neighbor Iowa

    audrey.tranlam@uni.edu / (319) 273-7150
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