Best Practices Support

Resilient Iowa Communities was created to provide support and tangible resources in a variety of ways. This can be achieved through our Center services, utilizing self-assessment tools, or connecting with other like minded communities looking to build a more resilient community themselves. 

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Complete a greenhouse Gas Inventory and energy benchmarking through ICLEI’s Clearpath Software. As a member of ICLEI, the Center has access and staff expertise to complete a baseline greenhouse gas inventory for your community, operations, or region. This is a great first step for cities, counties, and school districts to prioritize projects and help guide decisions for building a more resilient community. 

Neighborhood Resiliency Services

Implementation on the neighborhood and community scale through the Center’s neighborhood resiliency services. This provides boots on the ground support to implement projects. See a list of Center Services to determine what might be best for you and your community. 

Best Practices Scorecard

Best Practices Scorecard is a great tool for organizations to execute a quick self-assessment of their organization’s resiliency in the areas of Building & Energy, Land Use, Transportation, Environmental Management, Community & Economic Development, and Environmental Equity & Inclusion.  The scorecard allows you to assess areas of high or low resiliency and provides an overall rating based on your final score. 

RIC Working Group

The RIC Working Group is an opportunity for organizations to connect to share best practices, challenges, and resources with other RIC members. The program will host quarterly meetings that include outside speakers to discuss best practices implementation, funding opportunities, and other resources that can help support and advance resiliency goals and projects. Participation is voluntary and is intended for participants to make connections and learn from one another. Interested in being part of our working group? Complete our Member Application to gain access.