Green Iowa AmeriCorps

Offering energy and environmental services to Iowa communities

Green Iowa AmeriCorps

Green Iowa AmeriCorpsGreen Iowa AmeriCorps is Iowa's leader in boots-on-the-ground energy and environmental services. GIA is headquartered at the University of Northern Iowa's Center for Energy & Environmental Education, and maintains 20+ sites throughout Iowa.   A list of our partner agencies and host sites can be found HERE.


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  • ENERGY & COMMUNITY - The Energy & Community branch helps Iowans (homeowners, tenants and community members) become more energy efficient through residential weatherization, energy education, and community outreach services. Energy & Community uses a team-based approach to provide residential weatherization services as well as energy education and energy-related community outreach efforts. As of 2016, all labor and materials are FREE to any individuals who qualify for a home weatherization after testing for too much air infiltration during a Home Energy Audit.  Interested in learning more about the Energy & Community branch?  Download the Energy & Community track description HERE.  Interested in serving as an Energy & Community member?  Download the position description for Energy & Community HERE.  Energy & Community on Facebook

  • SUSTAINABLE SCHOOLS - The Sustainable Schools branch serves as a resource and catalyst for Iowa school districts, solid waste agencies, and higher education institutions to build a more energized and sustainable future. Sustainable Schools members serve as sustainability coordinators and work to reduce district-wide energy costs and assist teachers and staff in implementing environmental project-based learning initiatives.  Interested in learning more about the Sustainable Schools branch?  Download the Sustainable Schools track description HERE.  Interested in serving as a Sustainability Coordinator with our program?  Download the position description for Sustainable Schools HERESustainable Schools on Facebook

  • LAND & WATER STEWARDS - The Land and Water Stewards branch is dedicated to restoration and conservation of Iowa's native habitats and natural resources. Members are focused on conserving and restoring Iowa's lost ecosystems and water quality by serving directly at our different host sites.  Interested in learning more about Land & Water Stewards?  Download the Land & Water track description HERE.  Interested in serving as a Land & Water Steward?  Download the position description for Land & Water Stewards HERE.  Land & Water Stewards on Facebook




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