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Offering energy and environmental services to Iowa communities

Green Iowa AmeriCorps

Green Iowa AmeriCorps Logo, on the left a dark green image of the state of Iowa with white lettering inside that says Green Iowa. To the right of that there is a dividing line and on the right side of that line is the AmeriCorps logo which is a Navy circle with an A in it next to that circle is the word AmeriCorps in Navy.

Green Iowa AmeriCorps is Iowa's leader in boots-on-the-ground energy and environmental services. GIA is headquartered at the University of Northern Iowa's Center for Energy & Environmental Education, and maintains 20+ sites throughout Iowa. Visit our website at to learn more about our program and how to apply to serve with us!



  • ENERGY & COMMUNITY - The Energy & Community branch helps Iowans (homeowners, tenants and community members) become more energy efficient through residential weatherization, energy education, and community outreach services. Energy & Community uses a team-based approach to provide residential weatherization services as well as energy education and energy-related community outreach efforts. As of 2016, all labor and materials are FREE to any individuals who qualify for a home weatherization after testing for too much air infiltration during a Home Energy Audit. 

  • SUSTAINABLE SCHOOLS - The Sustainable Schools branch serves as a resource and catalyst for Iowa school districts, cities, solid waste agencies, and community colleges to build a more energized and sustainable future. These Green Iowa AmeriCorps members serve in pairs as Sustainability Coordinators for an 11-month service experience at each host agency, with specific focuses on Operations and Education.  These two members work together to assist in reducing district-wide energy costs by developing Climate Action Plans and energy reduction strategies, often through behavior-based lessons. 

  • LAND & WATER STEWARDS - The Land & Water Stewards branch strives to revive Iowa's lost or disappearing ecosystems and improve water quality throughout the state. Our outreach and education initiatives focus on proper land management practices, ecosystem revitalization, storm-water management, and pesticide reduction. Land & Water Steward members work directly with host sites across Iowa to carry out their environmental stewardship missions. Members in this branch are trained as Local Champions for the Good Neighbor Iowa program. This program aims to reduce unnecessary urban pesticide use and to transform lawn culture to encourage appreciation of diverse lawns as a way to protect child health, water quality, pets, pollinators, and biodiversity. Members also complete a Save Our Streams certification through the Izaak Walton League of America to assist with monitoring of impaired waterways throughout the state.




Green Iowa Partners

  • Ashley Coffin
    Ashley Coffin
    Green Iowa AmeriCorps Program Director

    Ashley is program director of the CEEE's flagship AmeriCorps program, Green Iowa AmeriCorps. The program operates in 20+ locations throughout the state and provides Iowans with the tools to become more energy efficient and environmentally conscious.

    AT THE CEEE: Green Iowa AmeriCorps
    ON FACEBOOK: Energy & Community / Sustainable Schools / Land & Water Stewards
    ON INSTAGRAM: Energy & Community / Sustainable Schools / Land & Water Stewards / (319) 273-7273
  • Carmen Finken
    Carmen Finken
    Green Iowa AmeriCorps Program Manager

    Carmen oversees the Sustainable Schools branch of Green Iowa AmeriCorps and helps to recruit new members and host sites to the Green Iowa AmeriCorps program.

    AT THE CEEE: Green Iowa AmeriCorps
    ON FACEBOOK: Sustainable Schools
    ON INSTAGRAM: Sustainable Schools / (319) 273-7194
  • Leah Baethke
    Leah Baethke
    Green Iowa AmeriCorps Program Manager

    Leah oversees the Land & Water Stewards branch of Green Iowa AmeriCorps and helps to recruit new members and host sites to the Green Iowa AmeriCorps program. / (319) 273-7194
  • Shawn Fluckey E&C PM
    Shawn Fluckey
    Green Iowa AmeriCorps Program Manager

    Shawn oversees the Energy & Community branch of Green Iowa AmeriCorps and helps to recruit new members and host sites to the Green Iowa AmeriCorps program. / (319) 273-7273
  • Brandy Case Haub Member Support
    Brandy Case Haub
    Green Iowa AmeriCorps Member Support Coordinator

    Brandy serves as the Member Support Coordinator for Green Iowa AmeriCorps, ensuring that our National Service members are engaged in a successful and meaningful service term.

  • Laura Mast
    Laura Mast
    Recruitment Specialist

    Laura is the Recruitment Specialist for Green Iowa AmeriCorps. She helps recruit new AmeriCorps members and works collaboratively with the Green Iowa AmeriCorps host agencies.

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