Green Iowa AmeriCorps

Offering energy and environmental services to Iowa communities

Green Iowa AmeriCorps

Green Iowa AmeriCorps Logo, on the left a dark green image of the state of Iowa with white lettering inside that says Green Iowa. To the right of that there is a dividing line and on the right side of that line is the AmeriCorps logo which is a Navy circle with an A in it next to that circle is the word AmeriCorps in Navy.

Green Iowa AmeriCorps is Iowa's leader in boots-on-the-ground energy and environmental services. GIA is headquartered at the University of Northern Iowa's Center for Energy & Environmental Education, and maintains 20+ sites throughout Iowa. Visit our website at to learn more about our program and how to apply to serve with us!

​Green Iowa AmeriCorps members, in collaboration with our host sites, community partners, and engaged citizens, focus on a wide variety of environmentally focused activities including but not limited to:

  • Conducting environmental education lessons and presentations to persons of all ages and abilities
  • Engaging in and leading environmental outreach and community engagement projects
  • Recruiting and engaging volunteers in service to the community
  • Conducting residential energy efficiency services (primarily for vulnerable populations)
  • Enhancing commercial energy efficiency projects for public buildings (LED upgrades, etc.)
  • Developing Climate Action Plans & Greenhouse Gas Inventories for counties and organizations
  • Developing waste reduction strategies for sites and communities (recycling and composting education and outreach)
  • Planting trees and restoring tree canopies in vital communities
  • Engaging in water quality services (sampling, testing, river clean-ups, etc.)
  • Engaging in additional conservation projects (prairie burns, GIS, soil restoration, etc.)
  • Enhancing one’s own Professional Development through specific projects and trainings, tailored to their own areas of interest

Green Iowa Partners

  • Ashley Coffin
    Ashley Coffin
    Green Iowa AmeriCorps Program Director

    Ashley is program director of the CEEE's flagship AmeriCorps program, Green Iowa AmeriCorps. The program operates in 20+ locations throughout the state and provides Iowans with the tools to become more energy efficient and environmentally conscious.

    AT THE CEEE: Green Iowa AmeriCorps
    ON INSTAGRAM: @greeniowaamericorps / (319) 273-7273
  • Carmen Finken
    Carmen Finken
    Green Iowa AmeriCorps Program Manager

    Carmen is one of the Green Iowa Program Managers, overseeing regular program operations.

  / (319) 273-7194
  • Leah Baethke
    Leah Baethke
    Green Iowa AmeriCorps Program Manager

    Leah is one of the Green Iowa Program Managers, overseeing regular program operations. / (319) 273-7194
  • Shawn Fluckey E&C PM
    Shawn Fluckey
    Green Iowa AmeriCorps Program Manager

    Shawn is one of the Green Iowa Program Managers, overseeing regular program operations. / (319) 273-7273
  • Brandy Case Haub Member Support
    Brandy Case Haub
    Green Iowa AmeriCorps Member Support Coordinator

    Brandy serves as the Member Support Coordinator for Green Iowa AmeriCorps, ensuring that our National Service members are engaged in a successful and meaningful service term.

  • Laura Mast
    Laura Mast
    Recruitment Specialist

    Laura is the Recruitment Specialist for Green Iowa AmeriCorps. She helps recruit new AmeriCorps members and works collaboratively with the Green Iowa AmeriCorps host agencies.

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