Veggie Vouchers

The Veggie Voucher Program increases access to fruits & vegetables among vulnerable and under-served populations. It is a locally financed program to meet local food needs in our community. Veggie Vouchers has served the Waterloo community since 2016. 

We partner with a number of local clinics and non-profits that are already serving the community and provide them with our $3 Veggie Vouchers. From there our partners are able to distribute the vouchers to their clients that are most in need of this program. These vouchers can be redeemed by clients at local farmers markets and farm stands during the growing season. 

Food producers at the markets and farm stands are reimbursed through the University of Northern Iowa Center for Energy & Environmental Education (UNI-CEEE). Clients benefit from their increased purchasing power to provide their families with fresh fruits and vegetables and local farmers benefit from the increased demand for their products.

Since 2016, 34,685 vouchers have been redeemed, serving 3,114 families and investing $97,950 in local food producers. The 2023 season was our most successful yet:

  • 755 families served 
  • 67.6% voucher redemption rate at market, the highest rate to-date 
  • $25,320 invested in local food producers

2023 Veggie Vouchers Impact Report

Veggie Vouchers was designed to reduce barriers to food access by trusting our host sites to identify who among their clients need this program most. Other services and programs like food pantries, SNAP, and Double Up Food Bucks must operate within strict federal guidelines which excludes people who live at the margins of these assistance programs or cannot meet the paperwork requirements. 

Transportation and mobility are also barriers to accessing federal assistance programs. Veggie Vouchers partners with WeArose and Peoples Clinic delivery programs to serve homebound seniors and others with transportation barriers. 

Host sites have made it clear that Veggie Vouchers is a simple and effective tool to provide greater nutrition security to their clients.

Other Nutrition Assistance Programs

Senior & WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program

The Senior and WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Programs are funded by the USDA Food and Nutrition Service and administered in our region by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship. Seniors who are 60 years or older and earn 185% of the federal poverty guidelines are eligible for $50 in vouchers to be spent on fruits, vegetables, and honey from June 1 through October 31 at authorized farmers markets. Visit the NEI3A website to apply.

Similarly, women enrolled in WIC are also eligible for vouchers. Visit the Operation Threshold website to enroll in WIC.

Farmers interested in applying to be an authorized vendor can do so on the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship website.

About WIC

Vendor handing someone a vegetable at a farmers market

Double Up Food Bucks

Double Up Food Bucks is a nutrition incentive program that enables SNAP participants to earn a dollar for dollar match, up to $10 a day, to spend on fruits and vegetables at participating grocery stores and farmers markets. Double your food dollars and make healthier choices.

How it works:

  • Buy $1 of Fruits & Veggies at a participating farmers market with your SNAP EBT card

  • Get $1 for Fruits and Veggies at participating grocery stores!

Learn more and find where you can redeem your food bucks by visiting the link below.

Double Up Food Bucks Website

Locations in the Cedar Valley

You can use your SNAP/EBT card at these participating Cedar Valley farmers markets and grocery stores to earn and spend Double Up Food Bucks. 

Farmers Markets

Farm Stands


  • 214 N Magnolia Dr, Cedar Falls
  • 4500 S Main St , Cedar Falls
  • 40 W San Marnan Dr. Waterloo
  • 215 South Evans Rd, Evansdale

Getting started earning is as easy as bringing your card to one of these locations! At farmers markets, there will be an information booth that’ll help get you started. Simply bring your card to the booth attendees, let them know how much you’d like to spend that day (up to $10/day), swipe your card, and receive market tokens and Double Up Food Buck cards to spend with your local vendors! If you don’t spend all your tokens or cards in one day, you can take them home and bring them back to use next time. 

You can earn Double Up Food Bucks at your local Fareway and bring them to the farmers markets and roadside stands to spend on local produce. Why is this important? Farmers markets and roadside stands are a great way to support your local economy. In other words, put your dollars into a local hard-working farmer’s pocket! Plus, you purchase high-quality, dense nutrition food for yourself and your family.