Nourish Iowa VISTA

Increasing access to fresh fruits and vegetables in Iowa's communities.

Nourish Iowa VISTA Project is part of the Center for Energy and Environmental Education's Local Food Program. Nourish Iowa is an AmeriCorps VISTA program within the state of Iowa working towards the elimination of poverty through capacity-building projects. These projects incorporate land access, transportation, and financial support as integral pieces to abundant food access and each person's opportunity to choose the foods they eat. Founded in 2015 the Nourish Iowa VISTA Project now includes a number of sub-sites across the state of Iowa!

Our Mission

We are working to increase food access for all Iowans, especially those who experience food insecurity, and believe in abundant, accessible, and equitable food and land access.

Our VISTA Cohort

Nourish Iowa VISTA members serve with one of partnered host organizations with a shared goal of equitable food access for all. We serve at the intersections of public health, agronomy, urban planning, community organizing, and economic justice, creating an abundance of nourishing, affordable, and culturally relevant foods for all Iowans.

Our 40+ former members have gone on to become policy associates, PhD candidates & university faculty, public health community program coordinators, program managers, founders of their own food justice nonprofits, and much more!

VISTA member smiling with some onions


Serve with us!

Visit the link below and search "Nourish Iowa" in the listing to find current openings with Nourish Iowa VISTA. You can also follow us on social media where we post our upcoming openings along with program updates, member accomplishments and more!

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2023 Host Site Impacts

Learn more about the members who served with us, our host site partnerships, and community impacts from 2023. 

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