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Community Food Security VISTA Project

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UNI Local Food Program


Garden Manager

For the Garden at the Peoples Community Health Clinic, Waterloo, Iowa (2022 growing season)

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This position is a leadership role for the Garden at Peoples Community Health Clinic (PCHC). PCHC is a nonprofit health center in the Waterloo area that cares for patients holistically. As such, they have an on-site vegetable garden that provides produce for weekly distributions for their patients.

The Garden Manager is responsible for the upkeep of the Garden, as well as overseeing any volunteers, including AmeriCorps members. Upkeep of the Garden includes watering, harvesting, planting, weighing, and washing produce. Additionally, they are responsible for mowing, weeding,
and doing other tasks around the garden as they come up.

Overseeing volunteers includes the ability to direct a group to do various tasks within the garden, training volunteers to do garden and distribution tasks independently, and managing the online volunteer signup system to track volunteer hours. The Garden Manager also works with the UNI Center for Energy & Environmental Education (CEEE) staff to help with other local food projects in the community.

The Garden Manager should expect to be paid $15 per hour and work roughly 20 hours per week for 30 weeks of the gardening season. Work begins mid-April 2022.

Examples of Garden Manager’s work

  • Garden Maintenance: Watering, weeding, harvesting, moving compost, planting, mowing, etc.
  • Distribution: Cleaning produce, packing distribution cart, tabling, setting up distribution
  • Delivery: Packing bags, preparing handouts, possibly doing excess deliveries
  • Misc.: Directing volunteers

Apply ASAP (The first qualified candidate to apply will be hired ASAP):

If interested, please contact Kamyar Enshayan at 319-273-7575 or kamyar.enshayan@uni.edu to apply.

UNI Center for Energy & Environmental Education

New positions will be added once available.

  • Barbara Payton
    Barbara Payton
    Administrative Assistant

    Barb performs clerical duties for all staff members, conducts budgeting operations, and maintains personnel records.

    ON FACEBOOK: Center for Energy & Environmental Education

    barbara.payton@uni.edu / (319) 273-2573
  • Audrey E. Tran Lam
    Audrey E. Tran Lam
    Environmental Health Program Manager

    Since 2017, Audrey has managed the CEEE's environmental health initiatives, working where human health and environmental sustainability meet. She holds a masters degree in Public Health from the University of Iowa, a plant-based nutrition certificate from eCornell, and a graduate certificate from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Food Systems, the Environment, and Public Health. Audrey currently serves on the board of the Iowa Rural Health Association and the Heartland Health Research Alliance. 

    ON FACEBOOK: Good Neighbor Iowa

    audrey.tranlam@uni.edu / (319) 273-7150
  • Emily Dvorak
    Emily Dvorak
    Environmental Health Program Associate

    Emily has a background in Public Health. She manages Good Neighbor Iowa, a statewide initiative to reduce pesticides in urban areas; she is also involved in local food systems initiative, "Putting Public Health Science to Work."

    ON FACEBOOK: Good Neighbor Iowa

    emily.dvorak@uni.edu / (319) 273-7150
  • Kamyar Enshayan
    Kamyar Enshayan
    CEEE Director

    Kamyar works to turn science into action in energy conservation, renewable energy, and sustainable agriculture. He has taught environmental studies at UNI since 1993.

    ON FACEBOOK: Center for Energy & Environmental Education

    kamyar.enshayan@uni.edu / (319) 273-7575
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