Northern Iowa Food & Farm Partnership

The Northern Iowa Food & Farm Partnership (NIFFP) supports the development of a local & regional food economy that positively impacts local farmers, consumers & businesses through education, collaboration, and economic development.

The NIFFP seeks to be part of a broad based effort to create a more local & regional food system that improves the economic viability & environmental sustainability of producers & communities throughout Iowa.


The University of Northern Iowa Local Food Project began its work in 1997 and has created a strong foundation. Now, in order to significantly expand the scope of our work, the NIFFP has been formed to spread the leadership and ownership of this important work by involving many stakeholders in our seven-county region (Benton, Black Hawk, Bremer, Buchanan, Butler, Grundy, and Tama).


The Northern Iowa Food & Farm Partnership strengthens the local food economy in Iowa by:

  • Publishing an annual Buy Fresh Buy Local Directory of local growers and participating food businesses and institutions.

  • Serving as a marketing resource to local growers, food businesses, and institutions.

  • Promoting farmers markets, organizing farm tours, and sponsoring regional food festivals and related events.

  • Managing our local Buy Fresh, Buy Local campaign.

  • Participating in regional food systems working groups, collaborating with other food systems communities of practice, and sharing our successes with other communities and policy makers.

  • Securing funding to ensure our organization’s future and recruiting new food champions to join us in our work.

Join us!

We are looking for partners & supporters of our work. We invite growers, consumers, food & farm businesses, institutions, community leaders, and city/state government representatives to be a part of our efforts and help us accomplish our goals.

If you are interested in being involved, please contact or (319) 273-7883.

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