Buy Fresh, Buy Local

Growing Healthy Food Systems for Generations to Come

What is the Buy Fresh, Buy Local Campaign?

The Buy Fresh, Buy Local campaign is a comprehensive set of marketing tools designed to help food growers and processors who direct market to consumers, restaurants, grocery stores, and institutions.

The Buy Fresh, Buy Local campaign was launched in the greater Cedar Falls/Waterloo area in 2003 through the collaboration of the University of Northern Iowa, Practical Farmers of Iowa, and Food Routes Network.


Why Should I Buy Locally Produced Food?

  • The Economy: Buying locally produced food supports growers in our region, who are more likely to reinvest their revenue back into their own community.  This reinvestment of your dollars builds and strengthens our community - creating jobs and increasing the tax base to better support community infrastructure projects.
  • Our Environment: Locally produced food travels on average 1500 miles fewer than most typical food items found in the supermarket.  This much shorter journey to your table requires less fossil fuels involved in packaging, distribution, and transportation.
  • Your Health: Local produce is typically harvested within a day of it being purchased, as it has such a short distance to travel to make it to your plate.  This 'on the vine' ripening allows the produce to retain higher nutritional value than those harvested, handled, and transported thousands of miles.
  • It Just Tastes Better!