Reclaim Your Holidays

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Tools for RYH Educators

If you are telling others, “Reclaim Your Holidays!” then these tools are for you.


NEW! A cool idea for "The Gift of Nothing" book: Try sharing this delightful book at home or at work by reading it outloud at the dinner table or with co-workers over lunch.  You might be surprised by their reactions.. and  yours! 

NEW! Tools for Educators Database: Search our new Reclaim Your Holidays Tools for Educators database, now with categories to help you easily find materials by title, audience, type of activity and more. Help your audiences create meaningful, fun and environmentally friendly celebrations! 

NEW! Most Useful Resources: The resources listed below were, earlier this year, a few of those named "Most Useful" by Reclaim Your Holidays educators, librarians and volunteers. Check them out on the database! 


  Pick 5 Survey (pdf) (doc) - One of our most popular tools! *Most Useful*

Twenty quality of life options are listed in this survey, and participants are asked to pick the five qualities most essential to their quality of life.

  Five-Minute Assessment Tool (pdf) (doc) *Most Useful*

This activity encourages reflection on past holidays and how to learn from those to reshape the next holiday. 

  Book and Resource List (pdf) *Most Useful*

This list of books and resources might help you and others simplify life during the holidays. Download and share with others at your gatherings.

  Gratitude Letter as a Gift (pdf)

Not the same as a “thank you note,” Gratitude Letters give you an opportunity to examine the pleasure and meaning you get from a relationship, and share that with a significant person in your life.

  Happiness Video > *Most Useful*

Does lots of stuff equal happiness? This two-minute video from Public Broadcasting Service Kids is a great illustration for children and adults alike. Show during a Reclaim Your Holidays presentation or simply share the link in an email, on Facebook, or through a blog.


  RYH Pocket Guide / One card (pdf) | Six cards (pdf) | 8.5" x 11" (pdf)

Take action toward a richer, more meaningful future! Download and print these tips for success to carry with you and to give to your audiences as a daily reminder. Print shops may find it easiest to print using the one card pdf or the six card pdf. Ask your local printer which they prefer. You may also print the guide on standard paper for yourself.

  Printable Gift Certificates

Download and print the gift certificates you'd like to try and/or share with your audiences. Colorful and inexpensive envelopes add a nice touch (standard A2 envelopes available at local print shops and art supply stores).

  • “I made a charitable donation in your name to _______________.” (pdf)
  • “This certificate is good for _______________.” (pdf)
  • A Gift from Me to You certificate - Pamper a mom with this selection. (pdf)
  • Blank gift certificate - fill in your own gift ideas and let your gift recipient choose! (pdf)

  Pledge Cards

Space to collect contact information (pdf) | Without contact information (pdf) 
Download and print these pledge cards and ask participants to make a pledge: “What one thing will you do to make your holiday more meaningful or greener?” A public pledge is one sure way to help people make a desired change.

Printing Tip: For best results, look to see that your printer does not “scale to fit printer margins/shrink to printable area” in the Print Setup window (wording may vary). Simply uncheck that box or choose “none” before printing. This will ensure that your pledge cards print correctly so you can trim them to a uniform size.

For more great resources, check out our NEW searchable database!