Reclaim Your Holidays

Creating fun & meaningful celebrations



If you are a Reclaim Your Holidays educator, find an extended list of tools here.

  Living Sustainably: It's Your Choice (pdf)

Take a look at this helpful guide from Oregon State University Extension Service as you design your own presentations. You’ll find advice on how to walk participants through the process, from identifying personal values to taking action and changing behaviors.

  RYH Pocket Guide / Six cards (pdf) | 8.5" x 11" (pdf)

Take action toward a richer, more meaningful future! Download and print these tips for success to carry with you as a daily reminder. Print a full page of cards on cardstock to share with others, or print the guide on a standard sheet of paper for yourself.

  Printable Gift Certificates

Download and print the gift certificates you'd like to try, or create your own! Colorful and inexpensive envelopes add a nice touch (standard A2 envelopes available at local print shops and art supply stores).

  • “I made a charitable donation in your name to _______________.” (pdf)
  • “This certificate is good for _______________.” (pdf)
  • A Gift from Me to You certificate - Pamper a parent with this selection. (pdf)
  • Blank gift certificate - fill in your own gift ideas and let your gift recipient choose! (pdf)

  Book and Resource List (pdf)

This list of books and resources might help you simplify life during the holidays.

  Happiness Video

Does lots of stuff equal happiness? This two-minute video from Public Broadcasting Service Kids is a great illustration for children and adults alike:


  What the Research Shows (pdf)

Find quick facts about waste and quality of life issues.


In our effort to bring you ways to reclaim your holidays, we found many inspirational ideas. Here are some other websites we most enjoyed, and hope you do, too!


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