Reclaim Your Holidays

Creating fun & meaningful celebrations

“When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop finding comfort in the sweet territory of silence?”—These are questions that shamans asked those who came to them feeling disheartened, dispirited or depressed.

I share this, because dancing, singing, storytelling, and—to a lesser degree—silence, are things that I love and maybe you also love. Because Reclaim Your Holidays is about helping people “live what they ‘love,’” this is an inspirational reminder to carve out time for those priorities.

This is especially important at the holidays, because we can be torn in many different directions.  (Isn't it interesting that we use the verb "torn" to describe ourselves?)  Carole and I encourage you to browse the Reclaim Your Holidays site. Several tools we think might be particularly fun and useful for you include the Five-Minute Assessment, the 2-minute Happiness Video, and the Pick 5 survey

And here's a new resource we just saw on Surviving the Holidays, Advice for Couples and Families to Ease Tension. It includes many tips to make the winter holidays brighter, more fulfilling for all of us! And for even more quick tips, friend us on Facebook!
--Susan Salterberg and Carole Yates, Reclaim Your Holidays

 Great idea:  7-Day Quarantine
Here's a great resource from the New York Times, New Rule: Purchases Subject to a 7-Day Mental Quarantine. It's calling for more thought before we make purchasing decisions.


  Intentional Indulgence

The holidays are partly about indulgence. You can amp up holiday satisfaction by “intentional indulgence,” where you indulge in what matters most to you. The resources listed above will help you with this. In addition, as you consider the season, remember to take care of yourself! Find helpful tips on how at Minimize Stress – Maximize Meaning (pdf).


  Check out several of our other favorite resources!

Spoiling Grandkids-A Guide for Parents (pdf) and Spoiling Grandkids-A Guide for Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles (pdf) 
These two handouts help family members find ways to set limits, preserve relationships, and find meaningful gifts to give.

Book & Resource List (pdf) A list of other great resources to help you simplify your holidays.

Gratitude Letter as a Gift (pdf)  Not the same as a “thank you note,” Gratitude Letters give you an opportunity to examine the pleasure and meaning you get from a relationship, and share that with a significant person in your life.

Lots of fun to come... Reclaim Your Holidays!