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Holiday Waste Reduction

Many ideas throughout this site promote waste reduction over the holidays. Here they are, all together in one place:

  Give gifts of experience (pdf)


  • rather than give more stuff, give tickets to an upcoming production
  • help fund a child’s summer camp
  • treat your friends to a night out

  Second-hand is in vogue (docx)


  • think vintage clothing and jewelry for teens
  • try Craigslist for sporting goods
  • find a one-of-a-kind gem at local antique stores and flea markets

  Clear away the holiday clutter (pdf)


  • give consumable gifts (like food!) or gifts of experiences (like movie tickets)
  • donate to a charitable organization or spend time serving others 
  • be good to yourself (get a massage) and to others (treat a friend to coffee)

  Decorate with green in mind (pdf)


  • make homemade ornaments that create memories, and cut back on waste and packaging
  • recycle your tree so it can be used for compost or wood chips rather instead of just laying around in a landfill for 30 years

  Plan a green get together (pdf)


  • if you compost, find compostable dinnerware to ease the landfill and save on cleanup
  • set a compost bucket and a recycling bin next to your garbage can with a sign to help your guests sort their items
  • focus holiday entertainment around games and activities rather than around food or gifts

  Recycle through the holidays (pdf)


  • locate recycling centers near you
  • learn what is recyclable and what is not
  • use this information when deciding how to wrap your holiday gifts!


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