Reclaim Your Holidays

Creating fun & meaningful celebrations


Green Entertaining

What would the holidays be without the festivities? This year, green your home, your food, and your holiday parties to reflect your values. Browse some examples below, and download the pdfs for more ideas.

  Decorate with green in mind (pdf)


  • decorate with LED holiday lights
  • make homemade ornaments that create memories, save money and cut back on waste
  • find a directory of Iowa-grown trees

  Plan a green get together (pdf)


  • send electronic invitations
  • plan an easy menu and purchase just what you need to reduce food waste
  • if you compost, find compostable dinnerware to ease the landfill waste and save on cleanup

  Prepare an Iowa-grown meal to celebrate with family and friends (pdf)


  • find late-fall and early-winter farmers markets to purchase ingredients for holiday meals
  • discover a cool, new website — Local Harvest — that lists by zip code farmers selling local meats and produce 
  • indulge with new recipes designed around locally grown Iowa foods

  Farmers market gift ideas (pdf)


  • buy in bulk while foods are in season, and preserve foods for holiday gift giving
  • choose produce you can match with another gift (i.e., purchase apples at the market to give with a vintage cookbook you found at an antique store)
  • find gifts of fruits, vegetables, herbs, meats, cheeses, wines, baked goods, preserves, gift certificates... the possibilities are endless!

  Recycle through the holidays (pdf)


  • locate recycling centers near you
  • learn what is recyclable and what is not
  • if your community isn’t listed, learn how to find a recycling center


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