Iowa School Energy Challenge

The program engages secondary students grades 5 - 12 in practical hands-on strategies to reduce energy consumption school-wide through energy conservation and efficiency.

There is no cost for a school to participate. The Iowa School Energy Challenge project fulfills the Core Curriculum goals of problem-based learning in the classroom by using real-world examples of energy use in the student's environment.

The project involves forming a student team, through a class (Science, Talented & Gifted, or Industrial Technology) or a club gathered specifically for this task. The team will work cooperatively with the school's local utility provider and/or the CEEE staff to conduct energy audits of classrooms to evaluate, measure, and benchmark electricity use. The team will also raise awareness of energy use throughout the school.
For questions about the program contact Jeff Beneke at 319-273-3850 or


Des Moines Public Schools
See how the district is managing energy costs, finding ways to conserve energy, and sharing all that information with the public.
Community-based Social Marketing Book
Online book detailing how to uncover the barriers that inhibit individuals from engaging in sustainable behaviors. Further, it provides a set of "tools" that social science research has demonstrated to be effective in fostering and maintaining behavior change. Each of these tools in and of its own right is capable of having a substantial impact upon the adoption of more sustainable behaviors. Collectively, they provide a powerful set of instruments with which to encourage and maintain behavior change.
CBSM Website
Site consisting of five resources for those working to foster sustainable behaviors (conservation, energy efficiency, transportation, waste reduction, and water efficiency). Includes searchable databases of articles, case studies, turnkey strategies, and discussion forums for sharing information and asking questions of others.
Menu of Energy Star Offerings (PDF)
ENERGY STAR tools and resources for the public sector can help organizations save money, improve energy efficiency, and prevent greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming.  Provides an overview of the program offerings available to public sector organizations.
Energy Star Posters
Communicate energy efficiency messages and provide information on how to get involved.
Energy Star Sample News Releases
Reach out to the public and the media with sample news releases that you can customize to promote your ENERGY STAR participation.
Energy Education Resources: Kindergarten through 12th Grade
Published by the National Energy Information Center (NEIC), a service of the Energy Information Administration (EIA), to provide students, educators, and other information users a list of generally available free or low-cost energy-related educational materials.
EERE Kids Saving Energy
Games, tips, and facts just for kids who want to save energy!
US EPA Energy Star Kids
Student-oriented website to facilitate motivation and empowerment of energy conservation and efficiency.  There’s tons of stuff we can do everyday to save energy and our planet. Find out what you can do…Right in your own bedroom!
U.S. Energy Information Administration - energy KIDS
A student-friendly website which  includes a variety of information and activities about energy.  A teacher guide provides activities for using Energy Kids as a resource to teach students about energy in a fun and interactive way. Using Energy Kids provides students with the opportunity to learn about energy while improving research and reading skills.
U.S. Energy Information Administration - energy KIDS Glossary
Glossary of terms for the U.S. Energy Inormation Administration "energy KIDS" website
National Energy Education Development
The NEED Energy Infobooks are the cornerstone of NEED programming, providing content information about each of the nation's energy resources, new technologies, and the use and conservation of energy.
How Power Grids Work
Electrical power is a little bit like the air you breathe: You don't really think about it until it is missing.  Power is just "there," meeting your every need, constantly.  It is only during a power failure, when you walk into a dark room and instinctively hit the useless light switch, that you realize how important power is in your daily life.  You use it for heating, cooling, cooking, refrigeration, light, sound, computation, entertainment... Without it, life can get somewhat cumbersome.
Energy Calculators
From gallons to British thermal units (Btu), kilowatthours to megajoules, short tons to metric tons - this handy calculator converts from one energy unit to another.