Farm Energy Working Group

Promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy practices to meet the needs of Iowa's small to mid-sized farm operations.

About Farm Energy Working Group


To facilitate the development and coordination of a state-wide “Farm Energy Working Group” that will encourage research, collaboration, implementation, demonstration, and outreach for a wide variety of energy conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy practices to meet the on-farm energy needs of Iowa farms, especially small to mid-sized farms. The Working Group will involve key state organizations, energy practitioners, and farmers.

  • Bring participants together to exchange insights, learn from one another’s expertise, network, support implementation of efficiency and renewable energy on Iowa farms, and learn from existing examples in Iowa and around the nation.

  • Increase communications among many entities already active in the field and provide a go-to entity for experience and informational resources

  • Highlight existing local and national efforts and enable participating entities to intensify their work in meeting on-farm energy needs through conservation, efficiency and renewable energy.

  • Routinely invite leading practitioners to join our meetings and share their insights and expertise on specific topics such as small wind turbines for farm use, solar hot water for farm, efficient agricultural buildings, solar-powered livestock watering systems, farm energy audits, bio-gas systems, farm energy calculators, and more.

  • Identify and publish on the web site available state and federal incentives, grants related to on-farm energy efficiency, conservation, and renewable energy implementation

  • Make available small seed grants to Working Group members and others who propose to further the goals of this Working Group through research, development and implementation of conservation, efficiency and renewable energy on farms.

  • Recommend and coordinate experimental pilot projects that will help collect data on innovative ways for farmers to increase their use of energy efficiency, conservation and renewable from on-farm resources to meet farm energy needs.

  • The outcomes will be shared through existing networks participating in this and other working groups of the Leopold Center. The results will be shared in the form of field days, documented case studies, topic-specific workshops, reports, and other ways of engaging and reaching farmers, energy professionals, and extension staff.