CFU House Calls Program

Cedar Falls Utilities (CFU) set a goal of making a House Call home energy audit to all Cedar Falls’ homes in the next 10 years.  They began their project in summer 2008 with a group of trained auditors. 
    The program goals are to maximize the use of energy-saving technologies and appliances in Cedar Falls’ homes, help consumers better understand energy-saving behaviors and the use of renewable energy in the city, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality and conserve resources.
    Representatives from CEEE and other community groups have partnered with CFU as they considered, developed and designed their ambitious program.  The CEEE hopes to participate in the future by helping energy auditors develop the best research-based methods for helping consumers change their behaviors and reduce their energy use. 
    CFU has also expanded its energy efficiency rebates to include geothermal, solar and wind renewable energy systems.
    CEEE is interested in partnering with other utilities to increase energy efficiency, expand the use of renewable energy, and help homeowners understand how and why to reduce their energy use.
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