What Teachers Say

What teachers say

[Peter] Mendel's Material World, Women in the Material World, and his Hungry Planet have all worked well with my Research students. They responded well to an assignment asking them to . . . scan all three resources and find "the family most like theirs," "the family who had just the right amount of material resources," the "family who had the simplest diet the student thought he could live on," "the woman whose lifestyle was most like his mother's," "the woman whose lifestyle was most like his grandmother's," etc.  Then we huddled 'round the books, so the images could help explain their choices.  Since my students are all immigrants or foreign-born, this led to a rich discussion.--Dr. Marilyn Taylor, Divine Word College, Dubuque, Iowa

Venn diagram, a CRISS strategy, is an effective tool to illustrate differences and similarities between counties in the Material World book ... In addition ... our high school religious education teacher ... was thrilled with the possibility of using [Material World] with her social justice curriculum.--Kathy Stipe, 6th grade, Kuemper Catholic School, Carroll, Iowa

My students enjoyed all of the mini lessons, but ... they think ... "Material World" and "Packaging: What a Waste!" will stick with them for many years to come... It was extremely helpful that one of the students' father ...is manager of a grocery store. He could ... describe all of the excess packaging that is used just to get the cereal boxes to the store.--Laura Reed, Resource Specialist and Teacher, 4th-5th grades, Cedar Rapids Community School District, Cedar Rapids, Iowa