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Iowa Energy Games


It’s that time of year again. Time to put those thinking caps on and get those hands dirty.

It’s our annual Iowa Energy Games!


Solar Art

This event allows students to express their creative side.  Each piece of art will be judged by an artist or a professor of art. 

Solar Races



This event is where a student creates a solar car with a large solar panel.

     Mini Solar Car

 This event is where students create mini solar cars that came from our loan program.


 This event is where students use their creativity and creates a solar car that does not belong to the other two solar car categories.

Solar H2O

This event challeges students to construct a device using only the power of the sun to heat one pint of water.



     Highest Voltage Using a Wind Tunnel



For Rules and Requirements, click here. For additional questions, please contact free-ceee@uni.edu