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Electricity is the most widely used form of energy, ranging from miniature batteries in your wristwatch to large arc furnaces for melting steel. It's important to understand electricity's basic principles in order to use it wisely and safely.

Electricity can exist in a number of forms, but the two commonly used forms are:

  • Direct Current which is provided by batteries, wind turbines and solar PV panels
  • Alternating Current which is provided by electric utilities or other power generators through an electrical grid to the sockets of your homes.


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Build Your Own Simple Motor - Activity

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Introduction to Electricity (Full Version)
Introduction to Electricity
Parallel and Series Circuits
Parallel Voltage
Series Voltage
Parallel and Series Current
Building Circuits
LED Circuit Basics
Voltage Measurements with a Meter
Current Measures with a Meter
Series and Parallel Christmas Lights
Conclusion to Current Measurements
Human Circuit Models
LED Basics
Motor vs. Generator

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NEED (National Energy Development Project)