Material World: A Global Family Portrait (by Menzel, Peter)

See Material World Lesson Plan Here (PDF). Check your library or store for the accompanying book.

The activity is based on a 255-page photographic look at 30 families, their homes and their possessions. The families represent 30 United Nations countries. Beautiful photos, and brief but compelling narratives and fascinating statistics about the countries, the energy they use, population per capita, etc. Though an older book (1994), it continues to be an excellent classroom resource when current statistics from the World Population Reference Bureau are used. This web site provides updated photos of numerous countries in the Material World book plus a link to poster sets and curriculum ghuides with powerpoint presentations from the Social Studies School Services.

Here is a Worksheet/Handout to use in conjunction with the book/activity.  

Availability of Material World books:  Several Iowa Area Education Agency libraries have multiple copies of Material World, and they are available through interlibrary loan.  The following, at a minimum, should be available: Grant Wood: 15 books in one set; Area 267: 6 sets of 5; Heartland AEA:  3 copies

  1994: Sierra Club, San Francisco , CA 0-87156-437-8 (255 pgs. Nonfiction)

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